Animation Geek Alert!

Today Tate announced its launch of the Muybridgizer app for the iphone! It is free for the length of the exhibition going on in london, more information here at

Eadward Muybridge was best known for his studies of animal motion, and later on his zoopraxiscope, which was an early motion picture device. Not unrelated, I learned today that he also murdered his wife’s lover but was aquitted as jusitifable homicide. whoa.

One of his early animations

Just stuff…

The wedding reared its ugly head again pushing back some progress. But I’m still working, forever studying, forever hating everything I do. It’s good motivation, thinking you suck :)

As you saw earlier, I said I was working on a CGHub challenge, to take an expressionless face and give it expression.
Here’s the link:

And here’s the final work:

It was almost there, but something is lacking. Her face just looks off. But I think I learned a lot anyway so it’s not a total loss.

Will be uploading some stuff later today from the sketchbook.

Latest works

I’ve been off track a bit lately, planning a wedding can really get in the way of fun time! But now I’m back on track, and suprisingly I’ve been pretty productive this week. Here’s a few things:

A project on CGHub, where I draw from reference a girl, and then attempt to draw her in a different expression. I have never tried this before, it was very challenging but fun! Still something off about her but here it is so far.