And now for something completely different…

This weekend I was asked by a couple girls on a wedding forum I frequent if I would draw their dresses -well, I volunteered. What? It was fun! A nice excuse to draw some princess dresses. I had way too much fun with these, I might keep going with them:

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  1. These are actually super pretty. I’m sure the girls were really pleased with your drawings! Also: haha, wedding forum. d: I suppose yours must be coming up in the near future, is it?

    1. haha I forgot I wanted to go back and edit it some funny quip about that, to make it look less embarassing! I know at least one of them is, the other one I just finished and sent off but I think they’re pretty cute, thanks! And yea we’re under 5 months but I’m almost done with everything, just the small stuff now :)

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